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The Global Occupy Encyclopedia - 28 april 2013

As part of the 52 Shades of Greed card deck project, the OWS Alternative Banking Group is writing short descriptions of each of the cards subjects. For instance, what has Jamie Dimon done to merit his status as the Jack of Clubs or what are CDS (Credit Default Swaps) and how did they contribute to the crisis.

While working on the project, we discovered that it is not easy to find good explanations of these topics. And so, we decided we should begin the process of creating them and placing them in a central, accessible location. Hence, Occupedia was launched.

We have just begun. We welcome, and need, your help. If you are inspired to do so, you can add pages yourself as described in these simple instructions. Or you can contact the OWS Alternative Banking Group at cathy.oneil@gmail.com.

Please note that this is an open Wiki and the entries are the sole responsibility of the contributors. OWS and the Alternative Banking working group are not reviewing, approving or otherwise endorsing any of the content in Occupedia.

To see the index, press the Occupedia Category near the bottom of any Occupedia page (just above the yellow banner, to see for example the index of Occupedia.nl).

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Occupedia.nl, (De originele versie d.d. 28 april 2013 van de pagina "Occupy").

Oproep 2013

(Archief: 99.occupymediawiki.org)

"Mohamed Bouazizi set his body on fire. You just need to get yours to a park. Go now, if you can."
"Welcome! This is a wiki for Occupy Together, AKA Occupy Everything, AKA Occupy The World, the first worldwide direct popular democracy. It's a repository for information about the movement arising from the action known as Occupy Wall Street, but it is not an official project of any group or organization; it is simply written by whoever happens to be on this wiki. If you know anything at all about the Occupy movement, then YOU are in charge here! Please edit and tell us everything you know, so that we can all know it together."

"Mohamed Bouazizi heeft zijn lichaam in brand gestoken. Je hoeft alleen maar die van jou naar een park te brengen. Ga nu, als je kunt."
"Welkom! Dit is een wiki voor Occupy Together, AKA Occupy Everything, AKA Occupy The World, de eerste wereldwijde directe volksdemocratie. Het is een opslagplaats voor informatie over de beweging die voortkomt uit de actie die bekend staat als Occupy Wall Street, maar het is geen officieel project van een groep of organisatie; het wordt simpelweg geschreven door wie er toevallig op deze wiki zit. Als je ook maar iets weet over de Occupy beweging, dan ben JIJ hier de baas! Bewerk het alsjeblieft en vertel ons alles wat je weet, zodat we het allemaal samen kunnen weten."

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